Benefits of Using A Serviced Office

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When you are a new startup or already a successful entrepreneur, acquiring the ideal space is still a concern. Majority of landlords often prefer the conventional method to tie businesses with long-term leases. This has been a lesson for many business ventures that were affected during the recession.

With half of your budget being accounted to an office space, there are cheaper alternatives such as a coworking spaces or serviced offices. In the recent years, many are opting for fully equipped offices and it offers much more than your traditional office space.

Serviced offices provide a range of facilities to run your business professionally. It is able to meet the requirements of any type and size of businesses that help provide solutions for a smooth sailing business without any hassle. It has a dynamic working environment and excellent business support services.

Cost Efficiency

Overall expenses are easier to handle when you opt for a fully equipped office. You are charged on a monthly basis without extra costs on in-house services (air-con maintenance, printing, wifi etc).

Space Flexibility

It gives you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade to match the pace of your business. Serviced office space is also available for both short term and long term lease.


Some serviced office spaces gives you access to their fully stocked pantry. This also includes free flow of tea, coffee and biscuits. Other services include the complimentary use of the meeting room for one hour per month.

Access to a network Of Businesses

Serviced office allows for networking and cross selling with other various businesses residing within the building. Do not be surprise to if your neighbor is part of a successful international business.

No Waiting Time

Some serviced offices have no lengthy procedures. All you need to do is sign and move in straight away.


You can easily pick one located in a business district or industrial estates. This would be a great opportunity for startups or already establishes companies to test new market. You can test your products with minimal risks and fine-tune them accordingly. Majority of serviced offices are surrounded by cafes, shops and are easily accessible by public transport.

Value To Your Needs

Even if you rent a 90 square foot office, you are guaranteed a tight security and administrative assistance. No further expenditure is needed for office furniture and other basic amenities.

Why choose traditional office space when you can opt for a fully equipped office. This is a convenient choice for entrepreneurs planning to operate businesses and wanting to enjoy maximum services without a huge investment.

Remember To Scout Around

Carefully consider while searching for a serviced office and never jump on the bandwagon immediately. Never make rash decisions and take the time to create a list and gather information about the availability of services offices at your preferred locations. Make an appointment and visit these spaces and communicate with these service providers. Review each offer, draw a comparison and pick the one that suits your business best.

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