What You Need to Know About Virtual Office Services?

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Q: What is a Virtual Office?

A: A Virtual Office exists in cyberspace, without a physical office set up. A Virtual Office set up allows business owners and employees to work from any location.

Q: Who needs a Virtual Office?

A: Anyone looking to set up a business that
a. Does not require a physical office space,
b. Cost conscious about acquiring or renting a physical office space

Q: Why would someone choose a Virtual Office service?

A: Virtual Office is a popular set up for entrepreneurs for a few reasons:

• Cost Savings
– As there is no cost to a physical space, expenses are already largely reduced. There are no rental fees, or utility bills to bear.
– Another big cost savings is on overheads. At One Bizhub, we offer Virtual Services to handle the routine work such as expenses and documentation management.

• Professional Business Address
– Apart from handling your mails and deliveries, a business needs professional business address that will give a credible image. Additionally, it will serve the business well to have a proper office to hold important meetings that reflects a professional image.

• Start Operations Immediately
– Business owners can start running their business as soon as they have signed up for our Virtual Office service with no downtime.

• Work on the go
– A Virtual Office can be assessed easily wherever there is internet connection. A business owner can be on the move and still working full time.

Q: What is needed to set up a Virtual Office?

A: Here’s what you need to prepare:
1. Business Owner NRIC
2. Company Name
3. Company UEN/Registration number
4. ACRA (if available)

To help business owners get started, One Bizhub offers 3 attractive Virtual Office Packages – BizStart, BizPro and BizPrime – that caters to every business owner’s needs. Simply fill up the online form and select the desired Virtual Office service.

To summarise, a Virtual Office provides significant savings and flexibility compared to renting or acquiring a physical space, blending working on the go or at home and a professional business image.

For the entire month of October, One Bizhub is offering a 30-day trial for selected Virtual Services for any Virtual Office signup. Start your business instantly for less than a dollar a day!

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