Add a service to your package, or enjoy an adhoc service!


Add a Service to Your Virtual Office Package

Per SMS: $0.05

SMS usage will be billed at the end of the month or deducted through credits.

Use credits for any of the above adhoc services.

  • $10 credits
  • $20 credits
  • $50 credits
  • $100 credits

Adhoc Services

Enjoy any adhoc service and pay through your credits, or as a one-off service

  • Normal Mail
  • Document Courier (BizStart)
  • Urgent handling
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A4: $0.05/pc
A4: $0.10/pc


A4: $0.25/pc
A3: $0.50/pc

Small Parcel: FREE Receiving
Medium Parcel: $5
Large Parcel: $10
7 days FREE storage for all parcel sizes

Additional $1 charge per day

Small Parcel From $10
Medium Parcel From $12
Large Parcel From $15
Per Page: $0.10
Every 20 pcs: $2.00

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• Payment should be made for full subscription period (including add-ons if any), and be made via bank transfer, or at our office by cash or NETS.

Add-On Services:
1. Prepaid Credits
Credits can be purchased at time of application or at any given time. Credits can be used for all other services except Virtual Office base plans subscription(s). All credits are non-refundable.
2. Mail Notification via SMS
Charges will be deducted from the prepaid credits, which has to be purchased before or during the time this feature is activated.

Other Ad-Hoc Services:
1. Ad-hoc Local Mail Forwarding
All services are charged based on per handling. Charges for courier services will vary depending on the delivery location and time-sensitivity. Any urgent handling of mails with 1 day notice given will be charged additionally. Payment are to be made prior to forwarding of mails.
2. Parcel Forwarding Services
All parcels are forwarded via courier service and charges will vary depending on the delivery location and time-sensitivity.