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For decades, the image of working has always been linked to a physical place of work. With the rise of technology, the digital age is doing away with the need for businesses to have a physical location. As a result, the concept of flexible working has gained traction and resulted in the emergence of alternative business structures and working arrangements. One of those is the Virtual Office.

What is a Virtual Office?
A virtual office is a business location that allows business owners and employees to work from any location using technology such as laptops, cell phones, and internet access. It provides some of the many benefits of having an office without the physical space, allowing businesses to portray a professional image without the costly overhead.

Why use a Virtual Office?
Slash your Operational Costs
Virtual Offices supply an affordable and brilliant option for even the smallest budgets to operate a business like a major corporation. Without the hefty price tag, we ensure that you have enough capital to keep you business afloat by lowering your operating costs while retaining a professional corporate image for your business.

Professionalism and Legitimacy
The way your company is perceived can make or break your business — your corporate identity will decide potential relationships with investors, partners, and clients. A corporate address adds legitimacy to your business since your clients will see a location that isn’t somebody’s home. With a corporate address, your business has a professional and credible corporate image.

Increases Productivity through Time Management
By using a virtual office, you can instantly eliminate your time-consuming daily commute, saving time that you can put towards running your business.

Flexible Working Environment
Virtual offices offers you the ultimate flexibility, allowing people to work whenever they like from wherever they are. Run your business wherever you are — in your home, in your car, in the airport.

Lowers Business Risk
A virtual office is a fantastic way to dip your foot in the turbulent waters of the risky business world before taking the plunge. You can gauge customer responses and market opportunities before committing to a serious lease for office space. A virtual office can allow for low-cost expansion with no long-term commitments.

To help you get started, One Bizhub has launched 3 new attractive Virtual Office Packages — BizStart, BizPro, and BizPrime — that caters to every business owner’s needs. Take advantage of our new offerings that allow you to top up an inexpensive flat annual fee and choose any additional Virtual Services.

Cheque & Expenses Management
We provide Cheque and Expenses management, helping you manage your employees through processing, paying, and auditing employee-related expenses. Virtual Assistants relieve you of menial tasks, and allows you to create more vital income for your business.

Document Management
One Bizhub provides document filing, maintaining digital copies of your receipts so they are accessible at the click of a button, even when you lose the physical copies. This keeps your business running efficiently and eases tax filing and official documentation in the long run.

Drive-Through Mail Pick-Up
Our handlers will personally meet you and pass you your mail for your convenience to save you valuable time in finding a parking spot and taking the lift upstairs. This Service is available from Monday to Friday, 3-5pm. Please inform us 2 hours in advance of your Estimated Time of Arrival.

Company Logo Display
One Bizhub offers you prime placement of your Company Logo at the main entrance of our office. This is subject to availability as slots are limited.

Company Brochure Display
Create awareness of your business by placing your company’s brochures in our office premise, increasing visibility for your business.

Contacts Management
We sort name cards and mobile contacts into various categories such as suppliers, clients, family members and more, allowing you to stay organised and giving you quick access to look for the contact you want.

How can you begin working Virtually?
Simply fill up the online form and select your desired Virtual Services.

Here’s what you need to prepare:
1. Business Owner NRIC
2. Company Name
3. Company UEN/Registration number
4. ACRA (if available)

A virtual office provides significant savings and flexibility compared to renting a traditional office, blending both home and work to maximise efficiency and combine the best of both worlds.

Start running your business virtually for less than a dollar a day!

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