5 Common Traits Found in Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship spans over various industries and not all entrepreneurs are born with the same DNA. You might not be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, but there are certain characteristics that could make you successful. It is your approach of turning an idea into a marketable product. These traits are what make you different from the rest. You do … Read More

Mobile Apps For Your Home Business

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Home-based businesses offer low overhead and the opportunity to work in your pajamas, among other benefits. It is important for businesses from home to manage their resources effectively and to ensure high productivity at all times. A great and handy tool for maximizing productivity and utilizing resources to a great extent is your smartphone and the use of e-tools. Mobile … Read More

How Virtual Office Helps Your Business

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Virtual office can help your start-up by providing a reliable location without the cost or risk of setting up a physical office. A virtual office unlike a serviced office offers elements of an office without a concrete presence. A virtual office provides a space without heavy cost or risk and effort of buying or renting space in a foreign location. … Read More

Benefits of Using A Serviced Office

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When you are a new startup or already a successful entrepreneur, acquiring the ideal space is still a concern. Majority of landlords often prefer the conventional method to tie businesses with long-term leases. This has been a lesson for many business ventures that were affected during the recession. With half of your budget being accounted to an office space, there … Read More

5 Ways to Reduce Overhead

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As a home business owner or a new startup, you are constantly searching for new ways to save cost. Even though you tracked your expenses, you might have overlooked on some important factors. Today, you will learn 5 ways on how you can cut down on unnecessary expenses! It is clear that one quarter of your budget has been dedicated … Read More

Must Eats in Tai Seng

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In 2015, the Straits Times publicize Tai Seng as a trendy and hip food district. Just like the workers in the CBD area, we now have a variety to choose from. There is a reason why you should explore this remote part of Tai Seng. The Commerze @ Irving itself, a mere 5 minutes from Tai Seng MRT (Exit A), … Read More

Hidden Perks Of Being An Entrepreneur

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Everybody would love to be given an opportunity to be his or her own boss. However, the journey of being an entrepreneur or a small business owner is full of ups and downs. Taking the reigns and making all the important decisions can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. From choosing your own employees to a flexible work … Read More

Dispelling Myths About Working From Home

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As much as you love the phrase, “Working From Home”, it is far off from reality. For one, you still have a job to do and it is the only thing that will keep your business afloat. Being a remote worker and having a home-office requires a lot more than hard work. Unfortunately, the misconceptions about working from home are … Read More

Going Green With Virtual Office

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Virtual office solutions are growing popular and the idea of cutting costs with one is both desirable and strategic. If you are a start-up business or a new budding entrepreneur needing infrastructure on an “as-you-need” basis, a virtual office space is the way to go. How does having a virtual office make an impact on the environment and on your … Read More