Dispelling Myths About Working From Home

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Working from home is no different than being in your tiny office cubicle.
Being your own boss means you have to create your own rules and regulations that would help generate more income and be strict with it. If you see this business model as a perk, you are more likely to rest on your laurels.

As much as you love the phrase, “Working From Home”, it is far off from reality. For one, you still have a job to do and it is the only thing that will keep your business afloat. Being a remote worker and having a home-office requires a lot more than hard work.

Unfortunately, the misconceptions about working from home are everywhere. Do not be swayed by this information. Whether you are just starting out a home-based business, freelance or already a successful entrepreneur, you have to make this business plan work.

Everything’s Preachy

Now that you arec working from home, you are finally breaking away from the daily chaos. No more office politics, mundane meetings and expensive lunches. You are now free to take as many coffee breaks whenever and wherever you are. However, this does not mean you could toss that to-do list straight away. Even if you are not constrained by the traditional 9-5, your tasks are basically the same.

It requires discipline and determination if you want things to go your way. Nobody said it was easy and you reap what you sow. Being dedicated to your business means that you have to fight temptations and keep to your schedule.

More Family Time

Cultivating a work-life balance is easier said than done. Spending time with your family while you are working spells trouble. Sometimes working at home could also mean that you are clocking in more hours. Lounging on your couch and surfing the net or doing a whole week’s laundry will put you off track. Also running errands, handling the housework and your real work all at once is impossible.

Plan a day-to-day schedule and stick to it. If you are more productive at night, leave the heavy task and attack the easy ones during the day leaving you time to do whatever you want in the middle.


You can get away with a lot of things now but your clients will still be at the top of your list. You may prefer to do your projects past midnight, but your clients would still prefer to deal within the normal operating hours. You may be flexible with your hours but that does not include everyone. You are now accountable for your own actions.

You need to put in more effort to create camaraderie or even keeping your social and business contacts alive. Yes you are alone, but that does not mean you have to be cut off from the outside world. Catching up with your old friends or having a casual lunch with a business partner is a great opportunity to network.


Home-based business owners are at a disadvantage at times. With the growing number of work-from-home advertisements, many are afraid to fall prey to these scams. Rent a commercial business address to look professional. People are wary when a return address is your home address. Do your research thoroughly and do not invest blindly into any gimmicks. Build your reputation using the traditional method if you have. Also, word of mouth can be a powerful form of advertising.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and people alike are naturally driven and are go-getters from the start. They work more nights and weekends and nothing can stop them from achieving their goal. Always be prepared to take on any challenge as this helps in producing your best product.

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