Guide To Staying Motivated

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When you are working with a small team or running your own business, it can be hard to stay motivated all the time. Your schedule is probably jam-packed and the weekends are something you really look forward to every time.

You dread Mondays but you could also start the week on a positive note. This trick would help kick start a productive week. It builds and maintains your momentum for the remaining days.

Simple Steps To Stay Motivated

Early Bedtime

Catching up on sleep and rest over the weekends is one small step to having a better week ahead. Be sure to have at least 8 hours of sleep on Sunday. This would give you the energy to start your Monday properly. Your body is not only well rested, you will be more excited and motivated to start work right away.

Plan Ahead

When Monday morning comes, we are often disorganized or at a loss with the workload. We sift through as the day goes along and probably figure out the rest by mid-week. Not only does this slows down the productivity rate but it does affect your motivation. It would help if you create an outline of your tasks over the weekends. However, only set 3 important for each day. Cross off each checkpoint to have clearer timeline. Having only 3 goals per day would stop you from being overwhelmed and helps you to move forward and stay focused.

Formal Setup

Being placed in a serviced office or coworking space should not affect your workspace. To start your day right, start by preparing and organizing your table. This step helps improves productivity and you waste no time in locating the things you need. Keeping yourself prepared will prevent any mishaps from happening.

Take A Breather

Apart from setting up your workplace, do some light stretches 15 minutes before you start work. Being tied down to your desk all day is not good for your health. Schedule a ten minutes break every two hours. It allows you to stay calm and think clearer when faced with a problem.

Shorter Working Hours

Stick to a proper working hour. There are disadvantages of having a flexible timetable when you are self-employed. This means that you could be dedicating more time to your business but you might not give it your all. Set a specific start and end time everyday if needed. With a timeframe in a mind, you are more likely to feel the pressure to finish before meeting a deadline.

Help Yourself

Putting yourself before others is important. Fulfill your own needs before lending a helping hand. Sort out your priorities and assist others later. Your personal time is for you to just relax and enjoy doing things you love most.

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