Creating an Efficient & Functional Workspace

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Shared workspaces are the upcoming trend in office space. The more popular term, coworking spaces, where the set up emphasizes on an open space and renting out a single work desk. Popular in Silicon Valley as it is cheap and as technology advances, shared workspaces are now opening up in more countries. Your workspace is where ingenious ideas are born and comes to life.

Shared workspaces can be loads of fun when done right and if you are a young duo immersed in work. It is important to keep in mind the diverse and individual needs of each occupant while designing a twin workstation. The shared workspace can be furbished minimally or it can contain lots of functional stuff.

Ways of enhancing your shared workspace

It is essential for any shared workspace. It can be as easy as pacing a DIY file holder, mini storage boxes or even baskets to hold your documents. Not only does it provide more space but easy accessibility for all your labeled reminders and belongings.

Adding one or two tertiary colors such as red – orange can help in generating ideas whereas the combination of blue – green brings about stability and tranquility. Your space does not have to be as rigid as your work. The littlest thing like tape dispenser or stationery holder can brighten up your day.

Earthy Aura
Having a few miniature plants would give you a touch of nature. It is as good as working in an outdoor garden.

Mood Board
Creating a collage consisting of photos, magazine articles or memos can send messages visually. It is another way of brainstorming creatively that may help inspire others to do. It serves as great conversation starter and might be perfect to create new bonds. Keep your spark alive with your favorite quotes and images.

Common Room
To keep your shared workspace alive and going, have an open invitation to workshops, tea parties or a simple get together to meet and interact with new users of the shared workspace.
Also, One Bizhub provides lounge spaces and a work bar that are great for relaxing and making small talks when taking a break. You won’t even feel trapped or confined to your desk for seven hours straight.

Treat your fellow users more than just occupants but think of them as being your partners. This relationship will generate a healthy shared workspace where everyone is committed to the same objectives and vision. This gives a sense of recognition and all your hard word has finally been paid off.

Eventually when you are confined to a space nearly every day just to create, work and move around you can be affected by the surrounding. Get inspired, motivate and encourage not only yourself but other shared workspace users. With a functional and efficient workspace, it can push you to dream bigger and see beyond the picture.

2 Comments on “Creating an Efficient & Functional Workspace”

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