5 Ways to Declutter and Destress

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Even though you are an entrepreneur or a home business owner, you may experience stress and anxiety the night before going to work the next day. It is believed that the problem is stemmed from your workspace. As you welcomed the New Year in a rush, you probably had no time to sort out any documents from last year. You might feel that your office is claustrophobic and too cluttered, stopping you from doing any real work.

The key to lowering your stress and anxiety level would be creating a positive office environment. There are just 5 steps to transforming your office environment.

1. Declutter

If you believe that your messy desk is a source of your creativity, it might be true. This however is not a good sign as creative people tend to be disorganized and tend to be more stressed than they ought to be.

People with organized desk :

2. Organized Folders

This is not confined to the ones on your cabinet but your desktop as well. Instead of placing your files all over your screen, use online tools and break it down to smaller folders. This helps you save time and is far less intimidating when finding important files and folders. Developing digital habits and a routine could help in the long run.

3. Lower Caffeine Intake

Apart from bad eyesight and posture, you have relied on your coffee pot one too many times. When you need that a little boost, caffeine should not be your go to fix. Studies have revealed that the effects of caffeine could contribute to stress. Explore other options to help ease and declutter your mind. Try an outdoor activity or simply take a walk around the block to de-stress soak in those Vitamin Ds.

4. Time Off

The one way to refocus is to deactivate yourself. This means, a 30 minutes break from everything is good for you and your brain. People are generally more relaxed and enthusiastic once they get back to work. Most importantly, take vacations seriously. It would not only stop you from overthinking but also put things into perspective.

5. Quiet Space

The highlight of lowering your stress levels would be finding a quiet space to think and breathe. The function of a relaxed space is to think without distractions. It is important to take advantage of it to just clear your thoughts. Coworking spaces and serviced offices might be a fun getaway from your home office. A change in scenery might help boost your productivity as well.

Your working environment should be taken seriously as it impacts your productivity. The secret of leading a stress and cluttered free life is to recognize the problem itself. Slowly approach these positive steps for a better lifestyle this year.

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