The Challenges Of A Remote Worker

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Being able to work from home is a blessing, as you spend zero time on commuting. You also get to do work according to your schedule and you are free from pressure. However, just like in a traditional office setting, being a remote worker does have its own set of challenges.

Overcoming Obstacles As a Remote Worker

Creative Hour

You may be an early riser but you are the most productive only after lunchtime and this may explain why the classic nine to five is not cut out for you. Being able to work from home gives you the flexibility to set your own target whether it’s at 2 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning. This is to ensure that you plan ahead and know what works best for you when you are handling an important assignment or taking care of the massive workload for the week.

Management System

Being a solopreneur or owning a home-based business, it is good to have a task-management system on hand. Working from home could also mean nonstop workload as projects and other paperwork keeps on piling. Having constant reminders is not a bad thing, as it will let you know of each and every progress you’ve made so far. Not only does it guarantee a job well done, but also at the end of the day it gives you the satisfaction of what can be achieved by you or your team.

Go outdoors

The privacy and comfort of home has the ability to turn you into a homebody or what we call a hermit. The absence of a pet or another human being cuts you off from having any real interaction. Working alone does not mean you have to stay in all day or weeks even.
Try a co-working space, serviced office or your local café that lets you be around people with similar interests or those running a similar business model as yours. However, if you feel that is too much work, just take a break, go out for an afternoon walk or have a simple lunch get-together with your friends. When you are stuck in a rut, human contact is important and especially when you with your friends, it is easier to unwind and get away from your own crazy thoughts once in a while.

Celebrate Your Achievements

Running a home-based or a small business does not happen from you efforts alone. You could have remote workers around your city and it is only right to share the success be it big or small with occasional celebrations. It could be done even on your social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or your own company blogs. Sometimes, a celebration is called for as it is one way to build not only your self-esteem but to the rest of your team as well and it gives them a sense of belonging even though they are working remotely.


Take time and hold deep conversations with yourself. It is okay to talk to yourself and having full-blown conversations out loud within the four walls of your own home that is. Well if you are not up with the idea of talking to your own reflection, you may want to start writing. If you don’t know how or where to start, jot down the first thing that comes into your mind. You would be surprised to find the issue that has been bugging you since the beginning or inventing a catchphrase that could be the breakthrough that you need.

Sticking to a schedule is not easy and working at home could also lead to procrastination. Working in a home office poses as much challenges as a traditional one and yet it should not stop you from doing the impossible.

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