Overcoming Entrepreneur Isolation

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As you begin your entrepreneurship journey, working remotely is an option that suits you best. Pursuing and creating something out of passion is thrilling but often results in isolation. You lose friends along the way as you invest more time being focused on your business.

This might be something new that you are facing and it will definitely affect you at the end of the day. Not only does it take a toll on your well being but also your work productivity. As there are lesser people to celebrate your accomplishments with, you are less motivated and surrounded by negative energy throughout the course.

For any entrepreneurs struggling with isolation, there are a few changes you can make to overcome this situation.

Venture Out

As the numbers decline in your social circle, it is time to find new ones with similar interests. Instead of doing work at your home office, spend time at your local cafes or even a coworking space. Coworking spaces gives you access to an open office plan and work with a group of like-minded individuals. If you are brave enough, attend entrepreneurship seminars and make an effort to interact with other business owners. You might be surprised with a tip or two from strangers who are going through the same exact situation as you are.

Rebuilding Your Life

Take time away from your business and focus on your personal life. Rekindle lost friendships if they mean a lot to you. It is all about tangible interactions. Go out for a lunch date or have a movie night. Having lighthearted conversations will help improve your mental state. We can’t live without human interaction and it requires a lot of effort. Make it into your routine to feel more connected and spend time outside of your business once in a while.


If being stuck in a gym is not your idea of a good workout, try outdoor activities. It is all about releasing endorphins that helps trigger the positive feeling in your body. Pick up salsa dancing or even a beginner’s hip-hop class. Not only does this improve your flexibility, you could easily make a friend or two or even find yourself a good dance partner. There are endless of possibilities when it comes to outdoor activities. Try rock-climbing to challenge yourself or water rafting. Taking up physical activities helps recharge your mind and body and leaves you feeling refreshed and high-spirited.

Dealing With Reality

Isolation causes negative emotions and over-thinking. You are constantly having an internal battle with yourself. The thought of losing a client or not receiving any calls and emails will drive you insane. Revisit your goals and think about your company’s future. Get a hold of yourself and take actions to ensure that you are heading in the right direction.

Be Proud of Your Capability

Pursuing your passion and getting your business up and running is no easy feat. There are moments of weakness but you were able to overcome each and everyone of it. You are where you are thanks to your own strength and resilience. When you are feeling low, remember the challenges you had conquered. You will realize how much you grew and have gained throughout your journey. Not only does this help realign and reinforce your goals, you are more confident to face the challenges ahead.

3 Comments on “Overcoming Entrepreneur Isolation”

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